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I help women build next-level businesses that align with who they are and what they value.

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My Story

I am a woman of faith, a wife, a mom, and a business coach. My last name Ofodile is pronounced oh-foe-dee-lay. I grew up as a military brat, then lived my entire adult life in corporate America. Now I'm using that expertise to help woman-owned businesses achieve success!


I was living that Corporate America life until I began the journey to Motherhood. I worked as a leader in the financial industry for over two decades - meaning I helped my clients build their businesses through bold and authentic sales conversations while understanding the fundamentals of effectively running a successful and sustainable business.


I was a coach, a mentor, and trained top-level executives. 


There I was, with skills, knowledge and strategy to spare. Until… It wasn’t working anymore. 


It wasn’t aligning with the balance and the presence that I wanted for my family. No matter how high I climbed the corporate ladder, I was still chained to someone else’s goals and expectations, and that was not what I wanted anymore.


However, I noticed that my strategic mindset and business expertise could help bring other women-led businesses to another level. I could show up and help purpose-driven women sell in a way that felt authentic. 


Britteney the Coach was born. 


Yes - it was scary to bet on myself, but it was the best change I could have ever made - I wake up every morning knowing that my heart and soul are aligned with my business.  


So trust me, when I say…


You can do it. I know you can. I’ve seen women like you succeed in ways that were once just a dream. 

Putting yourself out there is hard, but doable. I know it is. I was there. 

I will challenge you with firmness and love because I know with everything that I am that you are going in the right direction because I have walked this path and helped others do so too.

Are you ready to do business as YOU-sual??

Book a call with me and let's talk!

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